My aim is to help you on your way through the power of self-expression and the movement of the soul. If you come to me, a connection is created and you are the one who extract from me what you need.
The route you want to go is very personal and is fed from within.
During our conversation it will get clear what your needs are and how to fulfill them. The purpose of your visit to me is therefore to make something visible, illuminate or make it clear other than with the mind. Unconscious areas and contents benefit from sound, color and movement.

I work with:
. Intuition
. Creative expression in all forms
. Body-oriented therapy
. Shamanism and shaman tools
. Shantala massage, therapeutic touch, family constellation work, shamanic healing, on-site massage, healing on distance and creative expression. I am a master of Reiki and shamanic techniques.

Creative expression

"Color is an act of Light that breaks" Martinus Nijhoff, 'The light'
Creative expression breaks through the limitations of everyday life and thinking. Through colors with which you paint, movement and words with which you express yourself.
Colors make visible what lives inside, what needs attention or support. Self-expression brings more clarity into your reality and development of your needs.
Color give energy, radiance, power and zest for life, work. Physical and mental well-being is increased.
The color you use also says something about your inner potential for further growth and development. Color, sound, movement and word can play a game together and show an image that makes "the problem" clear.
Just as body, mind and soul show a whole on the outside: you.

Intuitive painting
. gain insight into your next step in 2 hours of painting

Workshop intuitive painting
. Creatieve sessione one-on-one or with a group up to max 4 persons can be booked. ? 100,00 Material and refreshments all in.
Creatieve sessions can be booked on location also. Travel expenses will be charged.

Workshop creating a personal shaman tool + initiation
. Depending on your request and/ or problem I will make your shamanic tool. You can use it at home for further work. We also can make it together in a workshop setting.

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Body-oriented therapy

. movement
Movement or lack of it show where blockades are or which movement wants to be made from within. This provides clarity. Your movement is like a dance. Movement and dance bring you into contact with awareness.
Even if you do not want to move, its nevertheless insightful. Concentration on movement breaks the mind, brings peace and energetic change to the body.

. healing and massage
Healing is the detection and mobilization of blockade in your energy field.
Emotional wounds and stress cause those blockades in the body. The faster we heal our psychological wounds the faster we move and our body functions optimally again.

Knowledge gives ideas, analysis makes synthesis possible - so integration of the rediscovered self.
Those who do not summarize their multiplicity into oneness live in confusion. Just like a house that is not cleaned up is a chaos.

Consult: 60 minutes € 50,00