Over mij


My name is Gertrud Maria Althausen.
Born December 27,1952 in Cologne, Germany - humor was born with me. Astrological sign is Capricorn / asc. Pisces, Chinese sign Dragon / Horse. My power animal is horse.

My love is art. I followed a 2 years creative crafts training. Art expand you far over the borders of your existance and close to yourself. Paintings, pictures, dance and music create possibilities for expression beyond words. Words are from the head, art comes from the heart.

Personal development
My own development started in 1992 with Family Therapie in Triangel in Amsterdam.
Followed by body-therapie, family constellation work,inner-child-work and shamanism.

Daily Yoga a must. My Yoga teacher teached me Shantala Massage and theraputic touch. By using numerology, astrology, literature and coaching I learned a lot about myself.

During the past years I was able to heal many layers and to be more ME.
I also detected my own as well as the opinions and beliefs of my parents and let go of them.Some of them deep buried in the unconsciousness.

Its a life-time journey, geting more and more joyous with each step you take.

I am an inspiring, creative, decisive and motivated human being.I can create order in chaos and give ideas for a practical approach on almost every item. Situations will be broke down to its essential core and brought back into balance. My intuition tells me what to do. Specialties: Shantala massage, therapeutic touch, family constellation work,shamanic healing, healing on distance and creative expression. I am Master in Reiki and shamanic techniques.

My own development brought back my faith and patience with my fellow humans. After all we all are on our way. Each in his/her own way and speed.
I wish you the same experience.